Groodle Dogs Breed Description & Personality Traits

We love our Groodle Dogs – and so will you!

Breeding Golden Retriever with Poodles result in a variety of gorgeous offspring, in terms of size, colour and coat type. Our ‘shaggy teddy-bears’ can be miniature, medium or standard in size, just as poodles vary in size.

Coat colours include gold, black, cream, red, grey and brown, usually but not always without markings. The ears hang down, the nose is long, and the tail usually rides up over their backs with a full plume. 

There are three coat types, wool, straight and fleece. The woollen coat resembles that of a poodle and is usually non shedding, the fleece coat is the loose wavy look and is normally low shedding, and the straight coat normally has some shedding. 

Groodle dogs are a highly social breed suited to individuals or families who are willing to provide them with the stimulation and companionship they deserve. Their happy-go-lucky attitude is highly sought after, and they can be mischievous and curious in the most loveable way!. Most Groodles are highly adaptable and easily fit into households, with or without existing pets and/or children.

Groodles can be easy to train – they love to learn new things and aim to please their people. They make a great match for first-time owners who are willing to provide them with appropriate mental stimulation and training. The breed is highly intelligent, benefiting from early puppy training and thrives in obedience and agility. A Groodle dog rarely possess aggressive tendencies, however many are excellent ‘watch-dogs’. Like most breeds, Groodles require adequate and appropriate socialisation with other dogs and people to assist in reducing undesired or fearful behaviours.

A Groodle dog enjoys both city and country settings but are not well suited to strict apartment living; most appreciate a good burst of daily exercise. Their personalities differ greatly – some are mellow as a perfect match for people with a less active lifestyle, and others are highly energetic.
Like retrievers, groodles are usually fabulous swimmers, love water, and enjoy visiting the beach for a swim or simply engaging in a fun game with their owners and a backyard hose or sprinkler system!
Rest assured, the Groodles Australia team will always try to match you and your lifestyle to a suitable puppy so you can thoroughly enjoy your lives together!

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