History of the Program

Dr Jeannet Kessels and her daughter, Joss (a veterinarian herself now) established the Groodles Australia Program in 2006.

The Groodle. One of a kind!

Over the years, Groodles Australia has grown into a wonderfully fun and generous community program, promoting a beautiful breed of companion dog, while facilitating significant donations to charity. Groodles Australia has gathered many incredible community-minded guardian families who generously give their time to raise our Groodle puppies within their own homes.

It began as a crazy idea to raise funds for the Timor Children’s Foundation, providing scholarships for promising yet disadvantaged East Timorese students.  The foundation was started by Dr Jeannet’s father – Arie van Klinken, who saw education as the best option for rebuilding a traumatised nation.

The East Timor Program is coordinated with minimal administrative costs by the dearly respected Reverend Moises in Dili, and provides scholarships for approximately 300 students per year.

Groodles Australia has expanded with over $600 000 donated to organisations dear to the hearts of our veterinary team at Greater Springfield and our wonderful guardian families.

Our wonderful guardian families have fun (and work extremely hard!) to raise the most delightful puppies in their own homes, underpinned by the high standards and thoughtful personal care of our award-winning veterinary practice Greater Springfield Veterinary. Our superb Groodles Manager Samara Cannon and her team ensure the processes are smooth and delivered with love and care.

We hope that our guardian families, veterinary staff, and adoptees of our gorgeous pups are proud of, and delighted by, Groodles Australia at every step.

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