Our Retired Dogs

All puppy parents are selected for temperament and conformation and live with their owners in a family environment. Our aim is to produce excellent and beautiful family pets.


Winnie has now been retired from breeding. We would like to thank the Campbell family for participating in our program.


Rosie is retired from our breeding program now. She is owned by one of our own Dr Rachel King. Thank you Rachel for using Rosie


Pippa is a F3 mini Groodle and is retired from our program now. Thank you to the Crimmins family for participating in our program.


JD is now retired. We would like to thank the Murray family for allowing JD to be part of the project


Habibi has now retired. We would like to thank the Mihaljovic family for allowing Habibi to be part of the project.


Gypsy is a stunning cream coloured Groodle who joined the program in 2012. She has a wonderfully bubbly personality. She is very friendly and outgoing


Georgie is an F3 Standard Groodle with a non-shedding coat and a gentle and affectionate personality, who loves to give cuddles. Like many of our


Dilli has now been desexed. Two of her beautiful female puppies, ‘Ruby Rose’ and ‘Lexi’, and two of her handsome male pups, ‘Winston’ and ‘Ted’,


George is a gentle F2 Mini Groodle. He was one of the pups born to Tilly and Astrid and was chosen to become a ‘dad’


Astrid is an adorable apricot Mini Poodle with a lovely long and wavy coat. He has a super friendly yet quiet nature, and adores a


Toots is a multicoloured multi-gen Groodle.


Primrose is an F1 mini Groodle bred from our very own Willow and Reid.


Meeka is an F1 mini Groodle bred from our very own Poppy x Astrid.


Madu is a red Standard Poodle and is our only Standard Poodle mum.


Lola is a pure Golden Retriever.


Lilli is an F1 mini Groodle bred by us Willow x Reid.


Kiara is an F3 mini Groodle. Bred by us from Pippa x Reid.

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