Puppy Pre School

Groodles Australia encourages attendance at puppy classes before the age of 16 weeks.

Have the most beautiful, and best-behaved pup on the block in no time!

When it comes to training, socialisation and exposure to new objects and environments, positive experiences and clear communication during the early months of your puppy’s life is essential.

It is important to safely socialise your pup at an early age so it can learn to communicate with other people and animals without feeling overwhelmed or fearful. Pups learn many vital skills when they are young – and early life experiences will influence how they will interact with you, your family, other animals and the environment they are exposed to as an adult dog.

Positive reinforcement techniques such, treats, cuddles, toy rewards are the ONLY techniques used by the trainers at Greater Springfield Veterinary, to ensure you get the best results possible and to encourage your puppy to reach its full potential. Using aversive methods such as yelling, hitting, choker chains and forceful corrections can result in a loss of trust, increased anxiety, and can often make undesirable behaviours even worse.

Your puppy class should cover:

  • Toilet training
  • Managing play biting behaviours, biting and chewing
  • The importance of your puppy’s cognitive development and ‘how’ dogs learn
  • Body language, effective communication and ‘how’ to encourage fast puppy learning
  • Basic obedience exercises and preliminary focus training.
  • Effective strategies for avoiding any developing anxieties or phobias
  • Safe, fun and appropriate socialisation and play
  • Environmental enrichment, and how this can help with problem behaviours
  • Building trust, confidence and reinforcing the bond between you and your puppy

Your puppy class should look at real-life scenarios and set your Groodle up to succeed, be it at home or out in public.


For our own Groodles Litters we may occasionally offer Virtual Puppy School in order for the littermate puppies to be trained together on line. Please ask!

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