Puppy Waitlist

At Groodles Australia we receive many enquires for our puppies and we want to make sure we can give those that are serious about purchasing one of our puppies the opportunity to secure a pup early on.

How our waitlist works?
As soon as we advertise a pregnancy announcement our waitlist for that litter will be open. To apply for the waitlist, you will need to fill out an application form that you will find on our litters page or listed below.

Once you have shared a little about yourself, we will approach you to let you know if you have been successful or not. If your application has been approved, a non-refundable deposit of $1000 will need to be made to secure your position on the wait list. This amount will be deducted off the total cost of your puppy.  

We typically will only accept 5 applications per litter. If our litters are less than 5, then the applicants who applied first will be eligible for a puppy and the remaining applicants have the option to wait for the next litter or are entitled to a full refund.  

Email updates will be sent to all waitlist applicants, and photos of the progression of the litter once they are born. Puppy allocations will happen between 5-6 weeks of age. We encourage all applicants to be open minded about the Groodle they would like, so that the chance of getting a Groodle is higher. In our experience, putting looks and gender aside and trusting the allocation process of matching temperament with family has been much more successful than matching looks and gender to what the applicant is after.  

Please keep an eye out on our social media pages for updates on upcoming litters.

***NOTE applications for our waitlist will not be accepted until we have made a pregnancy announcement.

Honeymoon News:
This is when we have just mated our dogs but have not yet confirmed pregnancy. The waitlist is not open at this point.

Pregnancy Confirmed: This is of course when we have confirmed pregnancy at 4 weeks gestation. At this point, the waitlist is open to 5 applicants. A deposit is required to secure a puppy. If a deposit is not paid, then we will move onto the next applicant.

Waitlist Open: Once our pups are born and we have an exact number of how many pups we have we will advertise our waitlist open for this litter which means there are still spots available.

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