Therapy and Assistance Dogs

Groodles are a cross between the gentle natured, sometimes boisterous Golden Retriever and the intelligent, non-shedding, sometimes neurotic poodle. The cross produces a magnificent therapy/assistance dog with a kind, knowing temperament, hybrid vigour, and, usually but not always, a non or low shedding coat.

At Groodles Australia, we pride ourselves on our ability to breed highly intelligent and healthy dogs that can be trained easily for people in need of assistance.  We work closely with Assistance Dogs Australia and Paws for Diabetes, to provide them with puppies that can be trained quickly & efficiently,  and provide their customers with the assistance they need to live a healthy and full life.

We encourage anyone seeking a therapy/assistance dog to get in touch with an appropriate organisation to discuss what exactly is needed to assist. From here you or the second party can contact us to provide the puppy.

Therapy and Assistance Dog Waitlist

We hold a very special waitlist for our Therapy and Assistance dogs. If you would like to apply to be on this list, please click the link below.


“My beautiful Lulu May (daughter of Belle and Rollo) is a F2 mini Groodle. She is a fully qualified diabetic alert assistance dog with Paws for Diabetics. She is the sweetest natured dog and very loving and very clever. She wags her tail with excitement every time she alerts me to when my glucose levels are too high or too low. She will put her paw on my hand and push down when I am low or push my hand up with her nose when I am high. She has even detected high blood glucose in other people with diabetes. This is a recent picture on a visit to Melbourne Zoo. She loves animals and was having a great day”

“Rory is a standard poodle pup from Madu and Charlie’s litter. He is being trained as a diabetic alert assistance dog through Paws for Diabetics. Despite his young age he is already alerting to high and low blood glucose levels quicker than modern technology. He has the most beautiful calm temperament and is destined to be a life saver.”

“Wanted to share this beautiful photo of Austin. He is 3 years old. Allocated to our middle son and has been the most amazing companion and Diabetic Alert Dog.”

Austin is also a Story Dog. We encourage you to check out the amazing things this organisation is doing.


“Camille is doing so well out and about. She has such a calm nature”
“She is the most adorable little bundle and loves to cuddle and play. She has already began training to be a diabetic alert dog and is responding well for her age to my hypo scent.”

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