Groodles Australia is a community program with a generous spirit.

Groodles Australia is a community program with a generous spirit.

Need an Assistance or Therapy Dog?

At Groodles Australia, we pride ourselves on our ability to breed highly intelligent and healthy dogs that can be trained easily for people in need of assistance.  We work closely with Assistance Dogs Australia and Paws for Diabetes, to provide them with puppies that can be trained quickly & efficiently,  and provide their customers with the assistance they need to live a healthy and full life.

About Us

Groodles Australia is a generous community-minded social enterprise, breeding the most beautiful, sound, healthy and intelligent Groodle puppies for the enrichment of all involved.

Groodles are a popular choice for many, with some of our puppies specially trained as service dogs, companions for children with disabilities (including autism) and medical alert dogs for diabetics and epileptics.

This gorgeous breed suits individuals and families from all walks of life, and you will agree they are very special indeed!

We are currently almost 70% on the way to our goal of 1 million!
1 Million

Our Community

Established in 2006, Groodles Australia has grown into a wonderfully fun and generous community program, allowing us to promote a beautiful companion dogs while facilitating significant donations to charities.

As of 2020, Groodles Australia has donated over $640,000 to a variety of wonderful causes. Groodles Australia provides scope to support organisations dear to the hearts of our veterinary team at Greater Springfield and our participating groodle guardian families.


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