Our Mums

All of our puppy parents are selected with great care and consideration, factoring in temperament and conformation. They happily live with their owners in family environments, leading rich and stimulating lives. Our aim is to produce excellent and beautiful family pets.


Rhubarb is an F1 Standard Groodle bred from our Ria x our Charlie. Rhubarb has a fleece coat.


Maya is a little black and white mini groodle girl. She is an F2 mini Groodle weighing only 10kg. Maya will have her first litter


Nala is a beautiful pure Golden Retreiver bred from our girl Scotchie x Moose, who is a stud that we outsourced from a reputable breeder.

Frankie P

Frankie is a multigenerational mini Groodle bred from our Ruby x Rolo. Frankie will be ready in 2024 to have babies.


Blossom is a Standard F1b (F1 Labradoodle x Standard Poodle) Labradoodle. She was bred from a trusted breeder who used our Charlie as the dad.


Cali is a multigenerational mini Groodle bred by us from Belle x Rolo. Cali has a non shedding wool coat.


Rosie is a pure Standard Poodle bred from our Madu x Charlie. Rosie will not be ready until 2024.


Frankie is an F1 Standard Groodle bred by us from Lola x Charlie


Myrtle is a standard F1 Groodle bred by us from Lola x Charlie.


Ruby is an F2 medium Groodle bred from our Belle x Rocket.

*Please note, there are times we will use Labradoodles in our lines. This is done to expand our gene pool as Groodles Australia does not interbreed their dogs in any way. Any puppies with Labradoodle in their lines, will be advertised as such.

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